Photo's Disclaimer

This is a contract between an artist or owner and U'hinkle.com(Owner of Bubbatunes.com) . The U'hinkle was hired to print the photographs
of the artist or owner for a specific work in progress of the photographer purchase.
This allows U'hinkle the limited use of the artist or owner copyright for anything other than the artist or owner purchase.
However, the limitation regarding the Internet is a large restriction. U'hinkle cannot post the pictures on his website even for promotional purposes unless authorized by the Artist or Owner.
Furthermore, U'hinkle may not show the pictures in a gallery without artist or owner consent.
The artist or owner keeps his or her copyright in the work. However, there are strict restrictions in the previous sections of this contract which limits U'hinkle exploitation of this copyright.
For instance, Uhinkle may not alter the work without the artist's permission, thus diluting the strength of his or her copyright.

Refund policy

Should you receive damaged goods, please contact the U'hinkle Corporation within 7 days of receipt and we will arrange, as appropriate and depending on availability,
a goods exchange, credit or refund. We may require return to us of the goods with proof of purchase before actioning an exchange, credit or refund request.
We will be pleased to consider exchange, credit or refund with a 50% material and handleing fee for other reasons, but the decision whether to grant this will be at our discretion. Please note that were are not responsible for
the image displacement on graments that may be different from the actual owner/artist workmanship.
Any refund will be made using your original payment method or another method at our discretion.

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